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For over thirty years we have worked in the field of carpentry with a focus on laser cutting which allows us to carry out any processing on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, ensuring precision, efficiency, punctuality, and the experience of a team of experts you can trust.

We take care of your projects from start to finish with our wide variety of services, such as laser cutting, bending, milling and drilling, pressing, welding, bending, and painting.

Our company has always been an integral part of the Venetian area and has always worked in harmony with the environment. For this reason, Tecno Metal Carpen has fully embraced a green processing style, using the clean energy of our solar panels.

We are always open to the needs of our customers and we can provide a tailor-made service for you with specific finishes and paints of your choice.

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Our passion for quality at the service of your passion for food


The Scintilla line, in fact, was created from the need to have a practical, durable and high-quality product that could feed traditional Venetian dishes to thousands of people. The history of our barbecues is intertwined with the tradition of our territory, the exaltation of typical flavours and the reliability of an all-Italian quality.
All materials are 100% made in Italy and ensure a product that lasts over time: our barbecues are perfect for high temperatures and for intense use and will give you the opportunity to cook for your family and friends with the passion and the equipment of a great chef thanks to Italian materials combined with Tecno Metal Carpen's innovation.
In fact, Scintilla is also chosen by restaurants and event organizers. The barbecue that you will see at the restaurant, or at your favourite event, will have only one difference from the one you will have in your garden: the size. The quality for all our customers, from the novice to the Michelin Star chef, is always the same: the Italian one.

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