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Our cutting-edge technologies and the various processes that we can offer, allow us to respond to the needs of different market sectors, such as interior and exterior furnishing, gardening, the heating sector, and the construction industry.

As a matter of fact, in Tecno Metal Carpen we are always ready to give life to your ideas and to meet your demands to create high-quality products that reflect your needs.
After an initial consultation to better understand what you are looking for, our team of experts will optimise your designs to achieve the industrialisation of the final product.


Furnishing and Decor

Furnishing accessories in wrought iron and metals with cutting-edge design, shapes and quality that will style your surroundings. Italian quality in all your spaces.



The heating sector has always been part of our company's history and for this reason, we can offer several components and spare parts for stoves of various types.


Gardening Equipment

We design and produce everything necessary for the cultivation of the land and for the care of plants thanks to the versatility of our raw materials.


Building Industry

We proudly supply the building industry with the most varied solutions for both public and private constructions.

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